5 Hour Energy The Myth and Truth

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There’s a new commercial talking about the safety from studies that this drink is safe and promotes health. The problem with 5 hour energy and other booster drinks and additives is that they can add to the already overtaxed body issues.Our need for instant energy is shortening our life. It’s as simple as that. Doing a search on the drink name gives you statistics that bring out the dangers and the comments on these posts advocate for it.

Anything used for instant energy will certainly give the body and brain a boost. The problem is that the adrenals overwork and the brain becomes addicted to needing that boost for creativity and being awake. Adrenals are small organs that are not meant to constantly fire and fire and fire. When they do the body and brain WILL get burned out. Emotions will get highly charged because of the constant infusion of artificial energy. At the very least the habit will program the adrenals with the need to fire irregularly. This can cause heart palpitations, high blood pressure and headaches or worse.

There are many more reasonable ways to get instant energy. These are actually free. They are recycling friendly. These methods have been around for aeons and so they are proven technologies.

Some are as simple as learning a specific rhythmic breathing methodology. Others require a bit more diligence and are just as effective – such as drinking a supergreen drink, having a salad, reducing white breads and cheeses, taking more water, incorporating meditation, cutting negative energy connections, etc.

Our need for instant results is not a bad thing because it has brought about many good technological fun and tools. Yet when it comes to the body there are certain things that will burn the body and/or brain out when needing too many instantaneous results by putting something into the body.

The body can adapt and yet too much too quickly overloads the system. Liken this to too many clothes being put in the washer. The washer will either tilt off balance or will just stop.

There are several breathing techniques for you to use for instant energy and it only takes doing this one to make new/fresh energy — http://youtu.be/QisrGbD5iMM


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