Month: November 2018

Non-Violent Communication Begins With Compassionate Self-Talk

Who do you think of when the phrase, ‘non-violence’ is mentioned? Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela? These great leaders preached the importance…

A wonderful actress who is now an artist capturing me on a paper bag and what she had around her. Amazing how art is possible with any medium.

How To Make A Better First Impression

First impressions can be hard to shake off. Whether it’s a blind date, a meeting with a potential client, or a job interview. The first…

EP 082: How to Prosper With Ease

Hey everyone, Sheevaun Moran here and I’m super excited for this little video to be sharing something super, super, super cool with you.  We have…

Survival is dependent on your willingness to shift the can’t into the hmmm that just might be possible. What do you want to have thriving?

A Marriage Works Better When Your Spouse Is Your Best Friend

Happy ever after does not begin with a toast at your wedding reception. It starts the moment you realize your spouse is your  best friend….

Take Charge & Reduce Anxiety Induced By Your Email Inbox

Your email inbox is a crucial indication of your productivity. What do you do when things seem to get out of control and the number…

What Are Confirmation Biases And Why Do We Have Them?

Cognitive biases influence how we think and act.  A cognitive bias represents a systematic flaw in thinking that influences a person’s worldview. The resulting thought…

What Is Transformational Leadership & Why Is It Important For Your Organization?

As the name implies, transformational leadership refers to leaders who are capable of transforming organizations or groups. They achieve positive change by focusing on their…