Resilience Part II: How to Become More Resilient Bringing Resilience Into One’s Life, Business, and Growth

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Resiliency is a critical component of personal and professional success, as discussed in detail in part I of this series. Once you understand the importance of resiliency, the next step is understanding how to acquire resiliency in your own life, and how to use resilience to aid in your success, happiness, business, and growth.

Increasing Resiliency: DIfferent Types Require a Different Approach

First of all, it’s important to remember that there are different types of resiliency and that some people who may be remarkably resilient in one area of their life may be less resilient in another. For example, a person may be able to handle not getting a promotion, but may not be able to adapt or move forward when a partner suddenly ends the relationship. In addition to professional and emotional situations that require resiliency, there is also physical resilience; your body and mind are intimately connected, and if you are not physically resilient, you may have a harder time being psychologically resilient.

What this means is that there are multiple strategies for cultivating resiliency, and the strategy that you apply to your life may be dependent upon the type of resiliency you’re hoping to improve.

How to Increase Resilience

The road to resilience may be more difficult and time consuming to traverse for some people than it is for others. The critical thing to remember is that becoming more resilient is possible, but that it will take hard work and dedication. Potential ways to build resilience include:

Take care of yourself physically. If your body is continuously under physical stress, emotional and psychological resilience will be much harder to acquire. Eat well, exercise, and rest.

Develop healthy and meaningful relationships. Having supportive relationships in your life is one way to improve your resilience. If you have strong relationships with family, friends, and loved one, you will benefit from more confidence and reassurance, both of which are critical for resilience.

Cultivate a positive view of yourself. One of the essential aspects of resiliency is having a positive view of yourself. Depending upon where you’re at in life, this may be difficult to do. To help, make a list of all of your positive characteristics. Review it daily or as needed when experiencing self-doubt.

Learn how to make and follow through with plans. Making plans or setting goals may be the easy part; following through with those plans can be difficult. Learning how to create and act on your goals in life is an important part of becoming happier, more successful, and more resilient.

Be proactive. It is common to shy away from problems or let problems resolve themselves. While this can be appropriate in some situations, being proactive by taking decisive action is often best. This means facing a challenge head-on and acting on it rather than avoiding it.

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