How to Stick to Your Guns During Negotiations

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Do you know how to get what you want during negotiations?

Whether you’re negotiating with your spouse, your boss, or your potential business partner, knowing how to articulate what you want and actually get it is important. Here are some ways to stick to your guns and protect your best interests during negotiations–

Decide if It’s Worth It

We’re talking about the party you’re negotiating with here, not the compromise itself. If you are dealing with a person who will not compromise at all from the get go, you should ask yourself if maintaining a relationship with that person (or company) is even worth it. If they’re not, walk away before you get yourself wrapped up in something you don’t want.

Know the Other Side

One of the best tricks of negotiations and being able to get what you want is to understand the angle of the party with whom you’re negotiating. If you can see the other side, and understand what they want, then you are more able to suggest a deal that will be pleasing to them. It may also help you rethink your position, and whether or not what you’re gunning for is all that essential.

Have Some Non-Negotiables

Enter your negotiation with an open mind – that’s the whole point! But also make sure you have some non-negotiables; you may be able to compromise here and there, but don’t give up the thing you want the most.


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