Author: Sheevaun

How it feels when I savor and hold the ritual of morning tea. Colorful and flowery! . What are you drinking as a ritual?

Today is the day for International Peace, #meditation and prayer. It’s the most powerful way for you to raise the world to a higher consciousness. It’s the simplest form of service you can do for humanity. Join me today as I meditate for peace and healing at 1pm your time. Let’s turn up the volume on love, kindness and healing for all humanity. #frequency #healtheworld #successsecrets #spirituality

EP 111: Prosperity and How to Have It Consistently

Hi. Sheevaun, here, driving for your success. I get asked this question often as to, how can I describe the energy as it applies to…

Batteries are for devices. You don’t need to recharge but you likely need a recalibration of how you live, act, manifest, and how you’re checked out. . Time to check on and get a new mindset. #drivingforsuccess #alignment #successsecrets

The dad who inspires me to this day to give, hug, share, teach, write and seek the miracles hidden within. . The email that delivered this photo said to use more natural pictures and not the all professional ones. He was onto something before its time. #fathersdaypost

The opportunity you seek has already been presented to you and you’ve likely rejected it. Gotta let go of the old and I cannot’s and say the heck yes it’s soul aligned.

Not sure what I was going for with this one but I do know that having my picture taken isn’t always something I am super comfortable with. I completely respect those who do love having their photo taken. . So the story I’m going with for this is that there are many things in our world that needs looking in a different direction. Sometimes it’s more looking up or ahead but right now everyone seems to be looking down and away. . Look at people around you. Notice what’s happening and smile and don’t be like everyone else.

EP 110: Success Through Collaboration

Hi everyone. Sheevaun here, Driving for Your Success. This morning I want to talk a little bit about how not letting somebody in front of…

Anoth book coming your way from my series “The Secret Energy of____”. Everyone needs more quality sleep. I take the concept of energy and what you’ve not heard of about sleep and share the path. Tools to sleep deeply, stay asleep, get to sleep woth ease and have quality sleep in the book. Found on @amazon #sleepless #moresleep #insomniaproblems #energymastery