Author: Sheevaun

First Impressions Set a Tone that Lasts

Each thing that you do is a conscious choice, and as such, it can have a huge effect on what other people think about you….

Valentine’s 2018: Love and Business Success

Happy Valentine’s Day! When you think about success in a business–whether your business or another’s–you probably don’t think much about the concept of love. Instead, organization,…

Success: It’s About Mastery and Being Smart, Not Time

Everyone has heard the saying, “Practice makes perfect,” which typically goes hand-in-hand with the idea that if you want to get good at something, you…

What Type of Energy Are You Bringing to Your Business?

A forgotten article in the Harvard Business Review published more than a decade ago talks about managing your energy, not your time, for success in life. The…

How to You Make Decisions About How You Manage Your Time?

Effective time management can be a nearly impossible feat to achieve, especially for the person who is tasked with running a business, being a parent,…

Are Your Rooting for Yourself?

Today’s Super Bowl Sunday, which means a lot of competition and fans, great snacks and food, and of course, the year’s best commercials. But it…