8 Business Lessons I Can’t Wait to Share

Here are some valuable lessons I’ve learned in business:
1. You will often spend more money to get clients than you make in immediate profits (sad but true). The real money isn’t made on the front end — it’s made on the backend.
2. Marketing is not just a basic “just in case message”. It is what you say that helps someone see you when only they are ready. It will take more touches than you imagine and once is never ever enough even if folks know you well. You will have to learn to write and grow a list and create the right offer for the right list with compelling copy.

What's love got to do with it
Grow Your Business.
3. In business, you need lots of yeses and even more no’s things: marketing, magic, meeting of like minds, miracle mindset, making dollars, magnetic messages.
4. Focus on getting the right clients, at the right price, in a more efficient and effective way. Then automate the process.
5. Have a beginner’s mind. Don’t be too cool for school. (Thanks Joe for that reminder to share.)
6. Reward those who come along the journey.
7. If we don’t like something it’s up to us to make new standards and hand to hand connections.
8. It’s your turn and your time … if you have the idea. Don’t wait!

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