How can I say this… well hang with me for a minute.
Failure is something that we are taught to be afraid of and for. It is what our parents and school said was “bad”, “wrong” etc.
No wonder we’re afraid to fail or even afraid to try because we might just fail.
What school got wrong was this…
Failure is always an option, failure is better if invited and failure is essentially living the life of the best self.
I hope that’s a wow or even a wowee for you.
And I’m not going to tell you that fear is something else. What I am going to suggest is that you take another approach to this fear thing.
Take this approach that fear is an energy and I put together a training for you that takes you through three SIMPLE steps to handle this when it comes up, because it will.
Once you have watched this then let’s dive deeper into this fear of failure thing. I promise that you’ll have a very NEW perspective and NEW you!

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