Do You Exercise Your Brain?

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How’s your brain holding up?

Everyone knows how important exercise is, and chances are that one of your resolutions this year was to exercise more. Indeed, even if you’re not a health nut, exercise is probably on the top of your to-do list.

But it’s not just your body that needs exercise; your brain can use a workout too. Here are some benefits of brain exercises, and some things you can do to get your brain’s heart rate pumping–

The Benefits of Exercising Your Brain

Studies show that exercising, training, and challenging your brain can have numerous benefits, including improved thinking, memory, and even prevention of degenerative brain diseases. Training your brain may also help you to solve problems quicker, or arrive at sound decisions sooner.

Keep in mind that actual physical exercise (the kind where you start to breathe a little harder and break into a sweat, and not just from thinking too hard) is really great for the brain, too. Exercise even promotes the growth of new brain cells!

How to Exercise One’s Brain 

Exercising your brain doesn’t necessarily mean dedicating hours to puzzles, Sudoku games, or brain teasers (although these things can be enjoyable and promote positive brain activity, too). Instead, you should try to expose your brain to new information regularly, even if it’s something small, like trying a new food. Learning a new skill or piece of information (Can you name the different cycles of the moon, for example?) can be a great way to put your brain to work, too. Further, take a break from routine! If your brain only has to process familiar information every day, it’s not working very hard!

To learn more about brain exercises and the benefits, and how to incorporate your brain and your business, reach out to me today!

Excercise Your Brain

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