Finding the Epicenter of Your Goal for Success

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What’s at the center of your goals?

A great blog post recently published by advises that if you want to be successful, you only need to focus on one thing: the epicenter. To expand, the article continues to talk about how the epicenter is the core of a given thing. For example, in an earthquake, the epicenter is where the quake originates. The same can be applied to your life and goals – what is the core of your passion, drive, and ambitions?

How Do You Find Your Epicenter?

Each person’s epicenter is dependent upon what that person is passionate about, and what their individual goals are. For example, if you want to master brownies, finding a strategy for doing that is your epicenter. Finding your epicenter will take a reflection on the things that matter to you, and require paying attention to what gets you going.

Focus on Your Epicenter and Make a Plan for Expansion

Just like an earthquake, energy should spread from the core of your ambitions outwards, and never just in a single direction. Your goals should be the starting point for everything that happens next, which means you are going to need to focus on creating a plan. What’s more, this means that you shouldn’t just tackle your ambitions with a single, narrow-minded approach, but a more holistic and whole systems approach. Back to the brownie example, you shouldn’t just think about ingredients, but also method, timing, temperature, and more.

What’s your epicenter? Have you found it? 

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