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Get creative! You have an innate ability lying dormant within you!

All of us have the ability to create and innovate. However, this ability may be buried deep within us; after childhood, creativity is often suppressed. In fact, as we move through life, creating and innovating are often discouraged – instead, we are expected to conform to “normal” standards. In your adult life, decades after your creativity has been unlearned, how do you reclaim it to improve energetics and drive success?

Write a Short Story

It may sound way beyond your interest or ability level, but try it. Begin with randomly picking a few words, such as forest, child and cow. Then, start imagining the relationship between these three things and picture the details in your head. Then, create a short story about the three. Focus on how they meet, what they look like and emotions throughout the story. You’ll probably surprise yourself with how creative you are!

Buy Some Art Materials

Another way to spur creativity is through art, something that few adults rarely engage in anymore. Buy some inexpensive art materials and give yourself a couple of hours to create. Don’t think; just make something. What the finished project looks like is far less important than the process.

Think Twice

Finally when you are presented with a problem or an opportunity, take a second to think about it before approaching it in your normal fashion. Is there a more creative way to solve the problem? What other angles exist? Are you seeing the big picture?


Tap Into Your Creativity and Innovation



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