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Integrating Energy Principles Into Your Business

Einstein and Tesla are names everyone knows these days, and yet their underlying truths are often refuted and brushed off as if their ideas and how they reached their success doesn’t matter. In truth, though, these two pioneers are all about energy. Physicists for the past 100 years have been talking about energy, and yet the business community steers far clear of this language. It’s considered “alternative,” or “woo woo.”


Which of your 5 senses can help you with the energy of your business?

Quantum physics validates that nothing is solid. Business principles say that everything is valued based on profits and losses, and yet those are only as solid as the next sale.


So to take the path of higher truth, you must ask a few questions first. If you’re reading this on a computer or screen of some kind, you received it via some invisible force that you don’t understand and yet take for granted. Does that make it quantum or business?


The pixels are so closely put together that your mind now perceives them as real and thus you’ve decided that it’s true that the images and screen are whole. In actuality, though, there is a gap in between each of these pixels and the mind fills in the rest. There are pulses of energy that occur to ensure you receive the pixels inconsistent fashion.


You have five (plus one) senses, and these senses are all about memory and recognition. Each of these senses range from dense to very subtle.


When keyboards first came out they were attached to a typewriter and you had to press very hard to make an imprint on a piece of paper. As technology has evolved the touch to the keyboard is lighter and softer. We now have screens that recognize our fingerprints and barely a touch.


What YOU see and understand others do not unless they have your perception. Everything is energy, and we are swimming around in it every second of every day and when you become aware of something greater than the desk, chair, or table you are making a leap in perception.


Why then are business, leadership, and profits and losses exempt from this very topic?


They are not exempt. Businesses IS the very core of energetics. Entrepreneurs are even more at the core of energetics because they must develop more subtle senses, be good with their guts and have awarenesses of many more aspects than the ordinary person.


Salespeople must take this even further and be that much more perceptive and learn about body language. Why wouldn’t they want to take it up a notch and learn about energetic body language that is perceived milliseconds before the body reacts and responds?


Our interpretations are based on the “norm.” Fortunately, this norm is giving way more quickly to another norm, and another, and another etc. The more quickly we have to adapt to something new, the more we are being led to gain a deeper and richer understanding of how energetics applies to money, health, relationships and leadership, mental states etc.


One of the first things I teach is the truth of what a word feels like. We have all heard that words hurt and can cut like a knife and yet… how is this so if they are unseen?


Take a moment and whisper the word TIRED into your palm. Get a sense of what it feels like. You will probably say at first that it feels like nothing, but when you move into the fact you talk on a cell phone with invisible connectivity all day long, you will then allow your mind to grasp the truth that words feel heavy, sharp and often hot. Just because you cannot see something does not mean that it does not have an energy or a weight.


Now whisper the word JOY into the other hand and tell me what you feel. Compare the two and you have an experience that will lead you to a new awareness of how words truly do have energy.

Quantum or otherwise, we must accelerate at new paces and spaces and energetics is the future – whether we want it to be or not.


You become what you think. Your life becomes what you have imagined and perceived, every single thought.


Integrating Energy Principles


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