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The other day I sat down at the farewell dinner after an incomprehensible epic week on Necker Island. I’ll get to my why on that later…but the important thing is here.

So generally I am somewhat known for my candor. I cannot tell you how it came about, but it is one of my charming and somewhat alarming personality traits.

It’s alarming because sometimes the truth is out of my mouth before the edit and it was exactly what the other person opposite needed to hear. That’s alarming because most people don’t speak like that or share like that. It takes folks off guard and wakes them up. Sadly their response can be to avoid me or gladly to inquire more.

It comes from a place of growth.

Those who have worked on themselves and aren’t in the reactive emotional state inquire more.

Back to the beautiful farewell dinner.

I wore a ring from my collection that I recently acquired.

While sitting at dinner that evening the beautiful soul beside me asked about it and I shared the story. (If you know me a bit by now you’ll have read my book “Shotgun Shopping-How to Get What you Want Without Ever Going Shopping”).

She was missing a wedding ring she had lost and was longingly looking at this ring. Suddenly she asked to try it on.

I was a bit surprised. I’d not had that ask since I was a pre-teen. Then I would have said “yes” even though I wouldn’t have truly wanted to say yes.

This time I said no. It was plain, matter of fact and just information.

I could feel her shrink and I was sad for that reaction. She recovered fast.

Even though I am direct I have tremendous caring for each human to never feel pain or suffer. I’ve had enough for everyone.

Not everyone needs to say no. Not everyone will resonate with this. But if you do and you want some direct truths for your next greatest shift then I’m the person to get you there. It will always be clothed in love and highest potential, but it will always be direct.



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