How to Stick Things Out When the Going Gets Tough

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If you are facing challenges, do you run away or stay and face them?

When you get scared, nervous, or unsure about what comes next, your amygdala activates and the fight or flight response kicks into full gear. For many of us, the “flight” part of the equation is stronger, and as such, we flee from challenging or scary situations before we really ever have to face them. However, fleeing isn’t always the best option; fighting often has bigger rewards. So how do we convince ourselves to stay and stick things out when the going gets tough?

Frame Your Fear with a Positive Story

One thing that you can do to talk yourself out of fleeing is to frame your fear with a positive story. To do this, if you have a desire to flee, think of a time that you stayed and toughed it out and were successful. If you can’t think of anything off the top of your head, make something up. Filling your head with positive thoughts can provide you with confidence, even if the story isn’t true.

Know How to Make Overcoming the Obstacle Doable

If you have an obstacle in front of you and you face it as its whole, it could indeed seem scary and threatening. Chances are that if you break it down into smaller pieces and set smaller goals for overcoming it, “fighting” will feel much more doable. For example, if you really want to get a better job but are overwhelmed by the entire process and the fear that you won’t get it if you apply, think about the smaller things you can do to get you there, such as attending a networking event or updating your resume. Those things don’t seem so scary, do they?


How to Stick It Out When the Going Gets Tough

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