The Upside Of Living An Unbalanced Life

“I want to live a balanced life.”

A common modern observation which suggests that some aspect of life is not receiving enough attention.

Or, another aspect is absorbing far too much.

A balanced life has its appeals. Who doesn’t want to have it all?

What’s wrong with the notion of living a more rounded and evenly-distributed existence?

Any object that is perfectly balanced is… stationary. At rest.

How are you at being a little unbalanced?

To be perfectly balanced is to be still.

Progress relies on “un-balance.”

Balance as we understand it, aims at a 50-50 split. The desire for it makes sense. Just thinking about it makes us feel more at peace. But, when you try to balance the various aspects of your life, there seems to be more chaos.


Because your growth and development requires movement.

A better idea is to maintain an overall feeling of stability while moving?

Dynamic balance.

That way, you’re juggling, more than striving to achieve perfect balance.

Here are 3 simple things you can do this week to achieve dynamic balance:

1. Focus on ONE thing daily. Give it all your time, commitment and energy.

At any time, there is just ONE THING you need to focus on. When that area/task is sufficiently mastered, you move to the next.

2. Set better BOUNDARIES to protect what’s important to you.

Imbalance occurs when the pressures we allow into our lives start to put unrealistic demands on our time, effort, and energy.

3. Don’t leave things unfinished. RESOLUTION (completing tasks) will give you a sense of satisfaction.

What’s the real goal?

Calm. Peace. Meaning.

Incomplete tasks and goals create a sense of dissatisfaction that disturbs the calm, peace, meaningful life you are after.

Life is about seasons.

Having all four seasons in one day (balance), is very unpleasant – I know this because I lived in Melbourne… the city of unpredictable weather.

Understanding your current season and what requires attention today is a better way to navigate life’s uncertainties.

Where is Your Passion?

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