Turn Off The Inner Dialogue

If you’re arguing with yourself in your mind, stop. It’s not getting you anywhere. All it will do is take you around in circles. It will also invoke emotions that will cloud your judgment.
And all the chatter is drowning out the voice of wisdom which whispers within you. It whispers in silence. It whispers in stillness.

The dialogue you’re having with yourself is the result of not listening. Not being still. Not being in the moment. Believing that you’re smart enough on your own to figure things out that can only be revealed to you.
The sooner your head is quieter (remember total quiet is death and even 1% quieter is joyous), the sooner it will be revealed. Not right when you want it, but right when you need it.

To jump in on the train of quiet, meditative solutions here’s a new prosperity meditation I did that is about freedom and prosperity. It’s brief and powerful.


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