What Type of Energy Are You (and Your Business) Giving Off?

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Is your energy affecting your business success?

It’s easy to think about business in a very concrete, rational way – people rarely think about intangible things, such as energy and mood, when talking about business. But understanding the type of energy you and your business are projecting, and how this energy affects success, is important. Consider some of these different energy emotions that businesses and their owners may project–


Being competitive can be very healthy. Indeed, competition can inspire creativity and be a great motivator. However, competition isn’t always a good thing, especially when the goal of winning means sacrificing ethics or using employees. Do you give off the impression that winning is number one? If so, this may be impacting your success.

Energy in Disorder

Another type of energy that business owners can emit is disordered, unfocused energy. This can be chaotic and very confusing for employees. As a leader, it is important to keep your employees focused, which means remaining focused yourself. Do you find yourself trying to tackle many projects at once, or changing direction frequently?


Sure, every business owner wants to attract customers. Indeed, selling more and doing more business is the whole point. But there is a huge difference between positive, hopeful energy (we’ve worked hard, we know our customer, we deliver a great product, etc.) and desperate energy. If you’re giving off the vibe that you really, really need a client or else, both your clients and your employees will detect and be turned off by this energy. Shift your approach to attracting customers and emphasizing the importance of making sales.

Have you noticed that your personal energy and your business success are connected?


What Type Of Energy Are You Giving Off?

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