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How To Change A Defective Group Culture

Whether it is a family, a work team… we are part of a group.

Each of these groups has a culture – a common code of conduct that is not explicitly stated but obvious in the performance of the group. Some group cultures work well. Others are dysfunctional.

When a group is no longer focused on the work at hand, the most common result is members engaging in the blame game when things go wrong.

Powerful group cultures are focused on achieving a common aim.

Rather than trying to figure out who is responsible for what, they just got to work. They huddle together and cooperate to achieve shared goals.

Are you engaged in meaningful work?

Create A Sense Of Safety

Cultivating a sense of safety and belonging is an essential part of creating a powerful group culture.

When we feel safe, we are not wasting our energy on unseen dangers around the corner.

Warmth and positivity foster feelings of safety.

We perform best when we feel that we belong and feel safe at work. Creating a safe environment takes time and practice.

Let the people around you know that you are listening to what they say. It is a simple and effective way to make people feel safe. Great listeners know when to hold back and not interrupt when others are talking.

Be Vulnerable In Your Groups

Instead of dazzling others with your competency, let people see your weaknesses.

Show them that you need their help.

Sharing your vulnerabilities helps to boost group performance. Admitting weaknesses and mistakes gives others permission to do the same. This vulnerability loop creates a feeling of safety and that it is okay to make mistakes. When people are allowed to make mistakes without feeling judged, they will be more enabled to learn from their mistakes and move on to find better solutions.


Sheevaun Moran is a business advisor, master coach, quantum energy thought leader and the founder of Energetic Solutions. She uses business principles with energetic techniques to help more than 25,000 entrepreneurs, CEOs and leaders bring instant focus and shifts to clarity, purpose, and profits.



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