Success: It’s About Mastery and Being Smart, Not Time

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It’s about working smarter, not more.

Everyone has heard the saying, “Practice makes perfect,” which typically goes hand-in-hand with the idea that if you want to get good at something, you need to commit a lot of time. And while this is certainly true–a great work ethic and dedicated practice do yield great results–it’s not the full picture. Indeed, a recent article published in The New York Times argues that it’s not just about working harder but working smarter.

Focusing on the Right Things and Mastering Your Craft

A study looked at what factors most predicted chess players’ skill levels. And while the amount of time that a player practiced certainly did improve their game, what really made the difference was the amount of time that players dedicated to serious study, not just practice alone. Not a chess player? Consider that studies also show that structured reflection of one’s own performance (in whatever field that may be) enhances leadership development.

How to Get Really Good at What You Do

Rather than putting in more hours at the office in order to get more work done, the secret may lie in figuring out how to do what you’re already doing in a better, more efficient manner. This may include streamlining the process, figuring out how to delegate, running a number of “practice” scenarios through your head (i.e. What will your immediate go-to plan be if a shipment isn’t ready by the required deadline?), and reflecting on your actions at the end of the day and determining areas where you could have performed more efficiently.

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