3 Unusual Traits That Define A Great Leader

 In Business Psychology

How do you define a leader? As someone who has influence and uses this influence to lead other people?

That’s a pretty accurate definition for a leader.

However, a great leader is someone who has a few extra qualities that would not ordinarily be associated with strong leadership.

Leaders Are Humorous

Humor is an under-valued trait that has a big impact on the emotional stability of a leader and to ease high tension situations. Additionally, leadership requires a cool head when dealing with high-pressure scenarios. A smart leader uses humor to solve problems, lift the spirits and diffuse potential conflict in his team.


Leaders Are Humble

The functional energy of leadership can lead to an arrogance that borders on dictatorship. The opposite is an individual who is humble and stays open to feedback, correction and is willing to be accountable for his or her actions.

Humility checks the ego of the leader and does not let it interfere in accomplishing the goals or vision of the team. Pride can split teams apart while the humility of the leader sets a great example to the rest.



How do you feed your brain?

Leaders Are Perpetual Learners

Industry experts never stop learning. They are constantly improving and honing their skills and knowledge. To maintain their position as a source of inspiration, leaders constantly invest in their own learning.

It is surprising to meet a leader in any field who is not interested in learning and improving his or her current state. The best are always open to information that challenges their current worldview.


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