What Type of Energy Are You Bringing to Your Business?

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What energy follows you into the office?

A forgotten article in the Harvard Business Review published more than a decade ago talks about managing your energy, not your time, for success in life. The article continues to explain that energy is a resource that is derived from four main things in human beings: spirit, mind, body, and emotion. With practice and effort, each source of energy can be continually renewed time and time again.

The article also makes the argument that businesses should start focusing more on their employees in order to bolster energy levels and improve productivity. Which raises the question: What type of energy are you bringing to your business?

Energy #1: Keep Going and Going and Going

You probably want to motivate your employees, but if you’re going about it the wrong way, your efforts could have the opposite effect. In fact, if the energy that you’re bringing into the office is demanding (i.e. you don’t stop, and you don’t expect your employees to take a break either), you may be draining your employees rather than providing them with the inspiration they need.

Energy #2: Conserve and Relax

Another energy type that you may be bringing into the office–which can be appropriate in certain situations–is the “conserve and relax” vibe. However, while a stress-free environment can be positive, it can also send the wrong message and suggest that you have low expectations for your employees.

Energy #3: Upbeat and Positive

The best energy to bringing into the office is that which is upbeat and positive but also realistic. When your energy is balanced, your employees will feel more balanced as well.

Take a minute to analyze your energy. Is it positive or negative? Demanding or understanding? What type of energy do you bring into the office?

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