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Apply The Art Of Boundaries To Protect Your Time & Energy

The concept of boundaries is familiar to all of us. We learn the value of boundaries on the sports field early in life. As children, we are eager to learn the rules of a game and need little encouragement to play within the boundary dictated by these rules.

As adults, we are often guilty of relaxing our boundaries and giving away too much of our time and effort without realizing the consequences of such actions.

Protect your energy.

Be Assertive With Your Time

Protect your time and priorities. No one else will do this for you. 

If you are constantly helping others and being available to others, you will have less energy to tend to your own needs. This is not an encouragement to be selfish and self-centered but a reminder that your business is important too.

When you say ‘no,’ people make you feel guilty. Avoid being swayed by other people’s demands on your time and effort. Sometimes, you even have to say no when you really want to say yes to help others.

Have A Clear Idea Of Your Boundaries

When you are unclear of your own boundaries, others are likely to encroach them.

You need to know what is healthy for your life. Do you need to be in bed by 10 pm every night and require 8 hours of sleep to function at your best? Then be assertive and avoid late nights even if your friends insist that you do it to show them you care.

When you are assertive and show others that you mean what you say, they will respect your boundaries.




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