Why Bargaining Is Holding You Back – It’s Time to Move Forward!

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Accept your reality.

When there are setbacks and loss in life, ranging from the loss of a relationship to the end of a career opportunity, we go through stages of grief. Going through each stage is how we move forward and is a normal part of moving towards acceptance. The problem is that too many of us get stuck on the third stage, bargaining, and remain in this stage for an extended period of time. Bargaining becomes a huge part of our life and an excuse for why we are not reaching success.

What Is Bargaining?

When using it to talk about lost opportunities or the end of something, bargaining is the act of asking yourself, the universe, or someone else for reprieve. When you are bargaining, you are in the mindset that you would do anythingif only….could be different. If only you could have that job; if only you could get back together; if only you hadn’t spent that money, etc.

How Does Bargaining Hold You Back?

Bargaining holds you back because it puts your faith in the past. Rather than focusing on reality, bargaining focuses on what could be or what you should/should not have done. Bargaining prevents you from accepting what is, planning for the future, or being happy in your now.

If you want to achieve true happiness and success, you have to stop bargaining with the world. Accept the reality of your situation and make peace with it.


Move Forward – FAST



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