Garnering More Positive Energy from Others

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You’re surrounded by a lot of people – what’s the energy like?

One of the greatest challenges in life is how to garner positive attention from others. Indeed, it is a fact that not everyone will like you, and that not all of your interactions will be positive. However, it is also a fact that working with others is a part of life. As such, learning how to garner more positive energy from those around you is important, and a skill that can come in handy time and time again.

Turn to Others for Favors and Advice

When you need a favor or advice about something going on in your life, who do you usually turn to? Most of us would answer that friends and loved ones are our go-tos, because friends not enemies, do favors and are helpful and supportive. As such, one of the easiest ways to get some positive vibes between you and another person may be to ask them for their advice about something or even ask them for a small favor (without taking advantage).

Ask Questions

People love to talk about themselves and feel as though they are the center of another’s attention. In fact, many people who are consistently negative (and draining your energy as a result) may be that way because they don’t receive enough positive attention. You may be able to shift things around simply by asking genuine and heartfelt questions. For example:

You: How was your weekend?

Other person: Fine. I went and saw that new movie.

You: Oh, I’ve wanted to see that? Are you into dramas? I heard that the new movie is like this old movie – what’s your take?

Be engaging with your questions, and actually listening to the person’s response. Getting someone else talking about something they like is one of the easiest ways to generate positive energy.

What other tricks do you have for getting people to like you?


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