Want to Improve Your Memory? Try Exercise.

Exercise can help you to improve your memory.

Research, as highlighted by an article published in The New York Times, shows that when it comes to a good memory, getting enough exercise may be part of the solution. But it’s more complicated than that; it’s not the exercise itself that is the key to healthy memory, but the fact that exercise combats stress and adversity, both of which weaken the brain’s ability to learn and retain new information.

Exercise and Stress

What the study means is that if you are stressed out, you may have a harder time learning new information, and keeping it in a safe place in your head for use at a later day. This is based on the fact that stress impairs the ability of information between brain cells to be transferred.

Which means that in order to improve memory, you need to combat stress. And exercise may be one of the best stress-alleviating things there is.

What Else Can You Do?

If exercise isn’t cutting it when it comes to alleviating stress but you still want to improve your memory (and your overall health!) there are other stress-relieving things that you can try, too. For example, a two-minute meditation can be very grounding, getting outside for a breath of fresh air can be relaxing, and cold exposure has been proven to have stress-alleviating benefits, too. Keeping a gratitude journal, practicing an act of kindness daily, and trying different breathing techniques are all ways to mitigate stress and improve happiness.

Remember when you’re not taking care of yourself, your body and brain–and your memory!–can suffer. Take action today to improve your health!

Here’s Another Tip to Help Your Memory 

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