The Big Unhealthy Difference Between Feeling Pride & Being Proud

Feeling pride is a temporary state that is induced by a sense of achievement. You feel pride when you accomplish a goal that took a lot of effort, time and discipline. Being proud, on the other hand, is a state of being… it makes a person seem arrogant and self-centered.

Is it wrong to be proud?

After all, isn’t pride a sign of greatness – as Aristotle argued? And isn’t it good to be proud of your hard work and status in life?

Authentic pride is a result of confidence in ourselves.

Authentic Pride Is A Result Of Confidence

Pride itself is not the problem. Being excessively proud is an issue.

Acknowledging your strengths and celebrating your victories is a sign of confidence. It reinforces positive behavior and spurs you on to continue in a positive trajectory.

Being proud is having an exaggerated sense of your accomplishments. When you think you are better than anyone else, you start feeling superior. And since we define your self-worth by comparing ourselves with others, this kind of pride happily puts other people down to make our self feel better.

When your pride is disrespecting and demeaning others, it turns from a healthy positive behavior to a negative arrogant trait.

This attitude leads us to see everyone else as a competitor. In terms of beauty, career, hobbies, social skills, and family life. It results in a careful recording of ‘numbers’ and stats that we love to brag about on our social media platforms and at dinner parties.

This kind of pride is the opposite of collaboration. It wants to win.

Do you find yourself sometimes wishing others would lose so you could feel better about yourself? Start building your own confidence so that you experience authentic pride rather than being proud.




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