3 Behaviors that Deplete Your Energy & Harm Your Business

Keep Your Energy and Never Get Drained Again
Keep Your Energy and Never Get Drained Again

Burning out at an early age and being ready to throw in the (retirement) towel isn’t uncommon. But if you still have a decade or more to go before you collect your benefits, you need to find a solution to all of that sapped energy and get things back on track. Try eradicating these behaviors that are known for taking the oomph out of your energy:

Dwelling and Self-obsession

There are multiple forms of self-obsession, all of which can be exhausting. While, obviously, narcissism is the most obvious form, there are other types of self-obsession – like rumination and thinking about personal injustices – that are equally as harmful. You can work to alleviate self-obsession by engaging in charitable activities, taking responsibility and learning to move on.

Focusing on Being Perfect

If you want to burnout quickly, focusing on perfection will surely do it to you. While striving to achieve is healthy, criticizing yourself for minor imperfections and mistakes is not. Obsession with perfection leads to anxiety and requires a lot of energy.

Being Negative

The worst thing that you can do to your health is to be negative. Whether it’s saying negative things about others or having a gloomy outlook on the future, negativity gets you nowhere fast. Try to start the day off with a few positive thoughts to get you going and develop a healthier habit.

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