How to Avoid Burnout in Life  

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Relaxation is a key part of avoiding burnout.

Relaxation is a key part of avoiding burnout.

At some point in everyone’s life, it happens: burnout. Maybe you just don’t have the energy to get out of bed, or the thought of going to work makes you want to scream. Maybe you’re over-exercising, or are thinking seriously about putting your kids up for adoption (kidding). Whatever it is, if you have experienced burnout before, you know how exhausting it can be. Here are some tips for avoiding burnout in life:

Get More Sleep

Less-than-optimal sleep will lead to burnout quicker than you can say it. If you are not sleeping optimally, think about why – are you living a physically unhealthy life? Are your stress levels through the roof? Are you getting into bed too late?

Your Time + Your Energy = Money & Happiness

Are you a person who is extremely conscious about how much money you spend, but then don’t think twice about spending your own time and energy? If so, you need to start thinking of the latter two items as currency, remember that if your job is leaving you emotionally and energetically depleted, you need to rethink things.


Meditation is a fantastic way to find your center and calm your mind, and can be key in preventing burnout. Formal meditation works, but for you, meditation may also be a form of exercise, play, or engaging in a relaxing hobby – just make sure you do it frequently.

Meditate for 2 Minutes

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