Big Little Lies

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So there’s a lot out there in the world to distract you.


What lies are you telling yourself?

Competition for the prize position, the bigger income, the door price etc. We get so caught up in others’ energies that we tell ourselves stories.


I remember the first time I heard about this concept. It was listening to some radio and heard the armchair psych radio personality mention that every man and woman knows in the first five minutes whether their date is a viable match.


This very concept has had me thinking for many years about how we tell big little lies to ourselves.


We are so very lively in our ability keeping our soul and personality far removed from each other.


Some of the ways we tell little lies include:

  • I need a website before I can start xxxx
  • I need marketing materials before it begin to tell people about what I do
  • I can’t ask people for money
  • It’s bad to promote myself
  • I need to learn more


It makes my heart sad to know that those little lies stop people from their souls calling and the mission they are here to achieve.


Those little lies are dear dark harpies keeping the badgering up so that staying small and isolated is the only solution.


One doesn’t need a website or marketing materials before beginning to share and get paid for your expertise. You have asked for money more times that I could ever count and suddenly you cannot when it comes to enrolling folks is upside down and unconscious saboteur of your brain. You promote yourself in little ways every day and learning part of growing. However the best “more” learning you can do is to grow your soul connection and get more clear, passionate and courageous about what it is that you are here to do and share.


Write me back about what little lie you want to get rid of or maybe need help identifying.

Big Little Lies


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