Spending Four Days In Nature Gives You A Radical Boost In Creativity

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Creativity is a process.

The process involves hard work and dedication.

But there are some shortcuts to boost your creative process.

Research shows that higher cognitive skills including problem solving are improved by exposure to nature.

How does being outdoors boost your creative skills and make you smarter?

Enjoy the outdoors.

Spend More Time Outdoors To Boost Creativity

Our natural environment plays a key positive factor in how we think and behave. However, our modern work habits encourage a sedentary and indoor lifestyle.

Spending time in nature and exposing yourself to sunshine has been shown to increase creativity.

Research suggests that exposure to nature has a restorative effect on the prefrontal cortex. Eveytime you are surrounded by nature, the lower-level modules of the executive attention system are replenished.

The research, which involved a group of hikers showed that spending just four days in nature has been shown to improve problem solving, attention and general cognitive skills by 50%.

Increase Your Interaction With Nature

Being surrounded by nature has an emotionally positive effect on the nervous system. This advantage is only realized by a full immersion and exposure to natural stimuli.

Start by spending your afternoon lunch time outdoors. And then extend your exposure to the sun in the morning. But to really cash in on the benefits of nature, plan a weekend getaway. Also, if you can squeeze in the extra days on a long weekend, a four-day break is perfect.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature.


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