Financial Hope and Inspiration From the Smallest of Things

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Every week on Friday I would receive in the mail an envelope with three things. These three things would turn out to be some of the best lessons I could receive.


I was in college, and like every other college kid, I didn’t really have much money. Just enough to get by, and at some point, I finally got a job. The job was fun, but even with working it seemed that I was going to come up a little short

There is financial hope and inspiration for you.

every week.


Living in a dorm wasn’t for me after the first semester, so I hooked up with some friends and we rented a very old house. It hadn’t been lived in for a long while and had wild colors on every wall.


The house was split into two levels, and we took the bottom. Since there were two entrances, we rented the top to some engineers.


Not living in a dorm was challenging because that now meant I had to provide my food (as well as my housing), and growing up I was not given the skills of selecting food or even going anywhere close to food or food preparation, except to hang out and keep my mom company.


Living so close to the edge without much money can do one of two things to a person’s mind one thing is get you locked in on a “not enough and there will never be enough” type of thinking; two is  the “somehow this is going to work out and I refuse to live this way all my life” mentality.


Most people lean toward the ‘not enough’ syndrome. This occurs in subtle ways and continuously erodes any money confidence you may have acquired. Once the erosion starts, it’s just like rust on a fence near the beach — you’ve got to get all the way to the base metal before you can repaint or repair that fence.


I think my dad had some inkling about this or he was just a cool dad. Maybe both. Every week that envelope would arrive and every week it has a handwritten note – a poorly copied joke that was usually raunchy or oriented to the Irish (note: we’re very Irish), and one crisp dollar bill.


That envelope always saved my week; it seemed that I needed that joke and dollar to really keep the glue in place.


My ways of thinking about more than enough and sharing those teachings to business leaders, moms, leaders, CEO’s, coaches, etc. has been colored by little lessons like these that my dad would share. Unknowingly he’s helped many thousands have a better life and prosperity mindset and the joke and $1 is one of my favorite lessons to share.


Sometimes it only takes $1 to make a difference and really make things work. It’s that possibility that there’s always enough, that prosperity will come in the least expected ways, that gives one that ability to take another step into the unknown of life, business, and sharing creativity for income that is so necessary to stay the course when the mind take life on a wild ride.


Sheevaun Moran is a business advisor, master coach, quantum energy thought leader and the founder of Energetic Solutions. She uses business principles with energetic techniques to help more than 25,000 entrepreneurs, CEOs and leaders bring instant focus and shifts to clarity, purpose, and profits.


Dont Lead Toward the “not enough” Syndrome


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