How to Harness the Power of Forgiveness – Part I  

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Is anger controlling and limiting you?

Is anger controlling and limiting you?

Of all of the things that can improve your energy levels, forgiveness may very well be the most powerful. During this four part series, we will explore how to harness the power of forgiveness and why doing so is so powerful.

Why Is Forgiveness So Powerful?

In a study where participants attempted to increase their alpha waves – which are associated with things like creativity, compassion, and insight – there was only one thing that worked: forgiveness. By forgiving those who had wronged them, alpha wave production was off the charts. You can read more about the entire experience here.

How to Forgive (Step One)

The first part in gaining the alpha wave benefits of forgiveness is to begin by closing your eyes and focusing on… Anger. That’s right – close your eyes and think about all of the times that you have been wronged or hurt. Let those feelings consume you for a moment. Try to remember as many situations as you can.

Once you have fully felt this anger and feel as though you are about to burst from it, move onto the next step, which will be discussed in part II of this article.

Let Go of Your Anger.

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