Improve Your Day’s Energy: Sleep with the Sun

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Sleeping with the sun improves vitality.

Sleeping with the sun improves vitality.

Are you constantly fatigued? Do you feel exhausted even when you have been in bed for eight hours or more? Are you guilty of using your devices in bed, and staying up way beyond the time that the sun’s gone down? If so, you may benefit from sleeping with the sun.

Sleeping with the Sun – What’s That?

Sleeping with the sun means that once the sun goes down, you turn off your sources of artificial light (or at the very least, reduce exposure to blue light). It also means that you wake in the morning as soon as the sky is light, something that your body should adjust to naturally.

Why Is Sleeping with the Sun Good?

Ayurvedic medicine states that by sleeping with the sun, “you can sleep less and get more benefits, it terms of internal cleansing and long-term health.” Sleeping in a manner that’s aligned with the laws of nature can aid in energy and vitality. It will also help with alertness in the morning hours.

In addition to sleeping with the sun, make sure you expose yourself to a few minutes’ worth of sunlight everyday as well.


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