How To Increase Your Oxytocin Levels Naturally

Do you want to be happier, live longer, reduce stress, and feel good? A simple way to achieve this state is by increasing the levels of oxytocin in your body. The hormone leaves us feeling relaxed and happy because it reduces cortisol, the stress-producing hormone.

Oxytocin is released during labor to reduce the pain of childbirth for women. In the case of men, it is released at the end of a love-making session.

There are other simple ways to trick your body into releasing oxytocin. Here are three simple ways to coax your body into releasing more oxytocin:

Hugs Induce Oxytocin In The Body

Hugging and touching other people releases oxytocin in your body. Hugging is more effective than touching and hugging someone you love is even more powerful than hugging a random stranger.

Simply imagining yourself hugging someone you love delivers the same benefits. So use your imagination if you are unable to hug the person you love.

Practice Generosity

A higher level of oxytocin is associated with people who practice generosity and compassion regularly. This does not mean you should rush to the next charity that asks for donations and give money away.

There are other ways to give. Donate your time and attention to people in need or give money where it is truly needed to increase your levels of oxytocin.

Meditate daily to connect with your core

Practice Deep Breathing

You don’t have to be a pranayama expert to avail the benefits of deep breathing.  You just need to learn how to breathe slower and by using your abdomen instead of your chest to hold your breath.

Your breath becomes quick and shallow when you start panicking. As a result, there is less oxygen available in your body. So the first thing you need to fix is your breathing.

The simplest exercise you can practice is to sit upright and hold your breath for 8 seconds. Then breathe out for 8 seconds and so on. Do this exercise for ten minutes a day to increase the oxytocin levels in your body.

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