Is Quitting Ever a Good Thing?

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Have you ever quit something that is no longer providing you with what you need?

You’ve probably heard time and time again that quitting is worse than failing, and that you should “never give up.” But is this mantra always true, or are there times when quitting is actually a beneficial thing for a person?

Sometimes, Quitting Is the Best Route

There are a number of situations where quitting something could actually improve your energy and save you time, money, or improve your happiness. These include situations in which:

  • You are no longer deriving any benefit from the thing you are doing;
  • Failure is likely regardless;
  • Quitting will allow you to do something more productive;
  • Quitting can put you outside of your comfort zone, spurring creativity and innovation; and
  • You’re doing whatever it is you’re doing for the wrong reasons, and are lacking internal and intrinsic motivations.

Remember, however, that quitting sometimes has consequences, even if they are small. Before you quit something, especially something big (like your job), you should fully understand the ramifications and have a plan of action in place.

Quitting Can Take Courage

It can be hard to turn your back on something that you’ve invested time and energy into, but sometimes, quitting is the truly the best thing for you. If you start to think about quitting as more of a courageous decision than a weak one, you’re more likely to invest your energy in things that actually matter to you.

Have you thought about quitting something? Why? What did you end up doing? What was the outcome?

When Is It Best For You To Quit?

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