Solutions for a Career On Its Last Leg

It it time to make a career move?
It it time to make a career move?

Your talents and abilities may not be appreciated in every industry or by every manager. Further, you may not be applying your talents and abilities as you should because you are disinterested or are not being challenged. When either of the above occur, it is probably time to move on to a new career. Here are some signs that your boss may be thinking about cutting the cord before you do:

Your Boss Stops Talking to You In Person

Have you gotten a lot of work texts or emails lately, but have missed out on the regular face-to-face contact that you’re used to? If so, it may be because your manager is creating a paper trail in preparation of saying sayonara.

You Haven’t Heard Back on Your Performance Review Yet

If you haven’t heard back on your performance review yet, it may be because your manager is taking extra time to pin down any errors you have made and highlight them.

You Have to Report to Someone New

If your reporting requirements change without reason, it may be because you are being monitored for mistakes.

If you notice any of the signs above, don’t panic – if your current job doesn’t appreciate you, you shouldn’t be working for them anyway.

Showcase What You’re Really Worth.


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