The Best Antidepressant Is… Service To Others?

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Depression has many causes and equally as many cures.

A simple tactic suggested by psychologists is to remove the focus on self and look for opportunities to help others, when the blues strike.

Focus on helping others

Psychologists suggest that the general treatment of what people label depression is achieved much quicker by moving the focus from self-perceived pain to alleviating someone else’s pain.
A popular therapist recently made an interesting statement – “the best antidepressant is doing for others.”
The statement caught my attention.
Although the treatment of depression generally requires clinical experience, it is not unusual for therapists to suggest service to others (or volunteering) as a starting point.
By shifting the focus from your own pain to adding value to someone else, you are effectively hacking the neural pathways that lead you down a depressive spiral.

Research shows that volunteering is associated with lower depression.

A core strength of humanity (both masculinity and femininity) is, “strength expressed in serving others.
Want an easy fix for your down days?

Reach out to someone in your sphere of influence who needs your attention and help.

Guaranteed you won’t have to look far.

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