The Thing You Lost Along The Way

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One of the biggest things I hear from people is surprising.

Whether they have a thriving business, want a business, need to get their side gig going it’s always the same.

What is that one thing you have lost along the way

It’s fascinating that so many people are saying they need the exact same thing. How could that be?

I’ll get to what that is in a moment…

There’s an innate burning inside of each of us….

For more.

More life, more health, more financial freedom, more friends, more success…more.

And it’s not that I’m hearing that people want more but what I am hearing is that you want clarity.

You want clarity about what’s next and how to get to have the next or more.

This desire for clarity is likely because you see your friends “seem to have it figured out” and the ads all show people with “the right stuff” “the right story” “the millions” etcetera etcetera etcetera.

But the real issue is to be more of you and that is where I have specialized.


Because at the end of your day or life you will come away with having missed out on something and that something is actually to be more of you. The real untethered, beautifully flawed you.

That clarity comes when your heart, your head, and your soul all line up in the same direction and whatever you embark on in your daily activity is where the rubber and road meet.

This clarity is revealed to when all that energetic bulk of what other’s have told you, you need and must have is cleaned off and the real and amazing you shows up.

This is the clarity that I give people the tools to access.

Why do I say tools because if I did it for them then they’d be dependent on me and that’s just wrong? We have the most abilities when we learn to do things for our selves, just as we teach the children.

So maybe you want more and I applaud that, whatever that more is. That’s exciting!

We All Want Clarity

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