Tips for Dealing with Angry People

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Do you know how to cope when someone treats you poorly?

Angry people are everywhere around us. From the person who’s screaming at you during your commute, to your boss who chastises you for a small error, to a family member who gets upset over a trivial affair, let’s face it: dealing with angry people is a part of life.

But exactly how should we deal with them? Should we respond with our own anger and frustration? Let them “get it out” on us? Or avoid the person moving forward?

Step One – Be the Person You Want to Be

The first thing that you should remember when dealing with an angry person is to continue to be the person you want to be. For most of us, we want to be a person who is calm, compassionate, controlled and gives love. This means that when you are met with anger, you should respond with the best version of yourself (which does not include yelling back).

Step Two – Make it Clear that How You’ve Been Treated is Not Okay

While you should never fight fire with fire and always demonstrate compassion and love, you should not tolerate abuse. If you allow people to use you as a tool for getting out their anger, you will become an emotional sounding board. This will drain your energy and no one will respect you. Make it clear that talking to you in a certain tone, yelling at you, etc. is not okay. Be firm but don’t forget about kindness and control.

Most of the time, angry people are passerbys that we can forget about. When they are those who are close to us, though, remember the two tips above is especially important. To learn more about controlling yourself when faced with anger and activating the prosperity in your DNA, contact Sheevaun today.


Stay Positive When They’re Being Negative



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