Turning Your Fears Into Motivations  

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You CAN conquer your fears.

You CAN conquer your fears.

When you think of fear, what comes to mind? Are you overcome by feelings of failure, pain, and the possibility of something dangerous? If so, remember this: “You are very powerful, provided you know how powerful you are,” said by Yogi Bhajan. In regards to fear, this means that instead of looking at fear of something scary, the things that you are fearful of should be considered an opportunity for self discovery and growth.

Face It

The first step to turning your fears into motivation is to find out exactly what you are afraid of. Why is it that you’re nervous about your upcoming board meeting? Is it because you’re afraid of rejection, and that your input just won’t cut it? Are you worried about not being good enough?

Figure out exactly what it is that you are afraid of. Then, combat it with some serious motivational talk. Positive self-talk is key – tell yourself the opposite of your previously-held self-limiting viewpoint.

Consider the Paths

Usually, when you confront a fear, you have two paths: to face the fear, or to turn away from it, also known as the ‘fight or flight’ choice. If you choose to flee, where will that leave you? Will you choose to maintain the status quo, or will you choose to pursue your passions, despite being scared? Remember that you will have to live with whatever choice you make. Also know that there is someone out there who has conquered their fear and that person could mentor you out of yours so you achieve greater resilience and motivation.

   Turns Fears Into Motivation Now.

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