What Are Energetics?

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Do you understand energetics?

Throughout this blog, the term “energetics” is used quite frequently. What’s more, tips are often provided for improving one’s energetics. But what does “energetics” really mean?

Defining Energetics

In scientific terms, energetics means “the properties of something in terms of energy.” Energetics can also be defined by the study of energy under transformation. This means that the term “energetics” can be applied to a broad range of fields, ranging from biology to thermodynamics to ecological energetics and more.

What Does Energetics Mean for You?

Energetics can also be used to talk about humans, both in a very scientific and concrete way (such as the balance between work and heat in the human body), and in more abstract terms.

When we talk about energetics from a more abstract perspective, we are looking at the vibrating energy within  each of us that allow us to experience existence. We are also talking about the flow from spirit/unconsciousness to matter/consciousness, and aligning the energy in our body for success. In order to experience balance and wellbeing, energy within the body and mind must be in harmony. Keep in mind that energetics is not necessarily spirit, although the concept of spirit can have its own unique energy.

Learning More About the Relationship Between Energetics and Success

Energy is constantly flowing in and around you. To learn more about the relationship between energetics and success for your business, connect with us at Energetic Solutions, Inc.


Relationship Between Energetics and Success


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