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Are You Ready For This?

Information is no longer the bait.

I heard this on a marketing podcast today and thought wow…they’re getting there.

Where are they getting, you ask?

The proverbial they are those who are out there creating every day and making a dent in the world in the best way they know how. Are you doing this?

Well, the truth is that our capacity is and always has been limited.

What we as humans have access today is 100,000 times more information in one week than our ancestors had in a lifetime.

Any wonder why we’re feeling so bogged, burdened, beleaguered and feeling bested by everyone and looking for an easier way around?

Well, the inner you knows full well and good that there is an easier way. The outer you usually makes decisions to stay in the same same as everyone else.

I’ve not been very good at doing the same same as everyone. Maybe it’s because I was lectured by my parents at about 8 years old that I better not be the one jumping off the bridge when all my friends were, and I had better find a much more interesting solution.

Guess that lesson stuck.

I left college as a computer programmer traveled and ended up in California. It was my dream in high school. I had a job and found out that I didn’t like being the same as everyone…I saw everyone checked out mentally and not walking around being happy. So I ended up with someone who had the belief and saying “don’t sweat the small stuff and everything is small stuff.” Perfect for me and the life I’ve been living. Because had I not gotten those truths deeply in my core, all the difficult roads of loss would have killed me.

Essentially information is free. It’s everywhere. You can get or learn anything in a moment.

The true treasure is being THE ONE who is taking the salient points (essence) and getting down to business with that information. Books are smaller than they’ve been in years because they are demonstrating that only the essence is required. Articles, once long and thousands of words are often less than one thousand, and they get to the point (see my blog where we have lots of brief and to the point tips). Videos are shorter to keep folks attention (my youtube channel has tips that are 2-5 minutes long, and I’ve been told by several folks that watching every one of them turned their business around to multiple six figures).

The point is…what I’ve been doing for the past 20 years of getting to the point and getting there fast. Of taking the essence of what the soul of a human life wants and sharing that in the form of miracles, fast, has been my key to growing several of my own companies and helping many many grow theirs.

What salient point are you avoiding? You may think that maybe Sheevaun’s too direct. I’ve been told that too many times to count. But life is short, I nearly lost mine, and my husband lost his so I know this as fact, and we don’t get a long time in this world. To be loving and direct AND GETTING YOU A RESULT is the most effective way I know to share how to light up your souls mission, purpose, and even income and get you to breakthrough.

Ok so you’ve been reading this for a while, and it’s long, and for that I’m grateful AND what action will you take today?

You get a few chances, and too many pass you by, and life shrinks, and that’s not what we’re here for. We’re here for more life, that’s what nature teaches us and why not do that today.

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