Dealing with High Sensitivity and Business Growth

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Sensitivity isn’t always a bad thing; it often means more empathy and compassion.

Highly sensitive people are often dismissed as more of a burden than an asset, but in truth, high sensitivity can actually contribute to business success and growth. Here’s some information on the benefits that highly sensitive people bring to business, and tips for coping if you’re dealing with high sensitivity–

Benefits of Sensitivity for Business Growth

Those are sensitive actually bring a lot of benefits to the office, and can be a great asset for a business. These benefits include, as outlined in an article by Entrepreneur:

  • Emotional awareness;
  • Empathy;
  • Commitment to ethics;
  • Passion;
  • Introversion (which means more time to think and strategize);
  • Innovation; and
  • Generosity.

Coping with Sensitivity 

However, just because being sensitive can be a very positive thing, this does not mean that it is necessarily an easy thing to cope with, either for the sensitive person or others around them. Here are some tips for making it work, especially when focused on the growth and expansion of a business:

  • Take time out for yourself to decompress;
  • Have a quiet space that’s all yours;
  • Commit to doing things that are focused on improving your personal energy and wellbeing;
  • Communicate – communication is one of the most important aspects of ensuring that sensitivity is positively channeled.

Don’t dismiss sensitivity; use it to grow your business, your energy, and your success. Learn more by connecting with me today.


Dealing with High Sensitivity and Business Growth

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