Do You Suffer from FOMO?

Are you experiencing FOMO?

Coined “FOMO” (most likely by the millennial generation), the Fear Of Missing Out is something that has been around way before social media and Facebook were popular. Here’s a look into what FOMO is, and how to overcome it if you’re suffering–

FOMO: What it is

As explained by an article in TIME magazine, FOMO is an “uneasy and all-consuming feeling” that you’re missing out on something that others, such as your friends or family, are doing. The sensation has proliferated as a result of social media, where people can see others’ “awesome” lives at all times.

FOMO: What it Really Is

FOMO may not just be something that is inevitable due to living in the modern world. Instead, it is something that stems from a deep sense of dissatisfaction with oneself and one’s own life. What’s more, research shows that with FOMO, people are looking for approval and attention from the outside, rather than internally. As such, their sense of authenticity and self-actualization is completely lost.

How to Fix FOMO

Fixing FOMO probably won’t happen overnight, but there are things that you can start doing today to help you overcome it. First, stop paying so much attention to other people’s life – you don’t need to check your social media feed every two seconds. Second, realize that what is on social media isn’t necessarily the whole picture; a snapshot of someone’s life tells you nothing about their struggles or emotions. Third, determine what makes YOU happy – if you don’t love traveling or don’t care about learning to do a backflip, why are you sad you haven’t done these things? Fourth, start doing more of what makes you happy.


Do You Experience FOMO?

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