Can a Spritz or Spray Really Clear Your Energy?

Using a spray or spritz can help to clear your energy.
Using a spray or spritz can help to clear your energy.

It may sound quirky, but often in energy healing, a spritz or a spray will be used to clear muddy energy from the hands, ensuring that the client’s negative or disturbed energy didn’t permeate the body of the practitioner. When it was first used in my own presence, I found it very strange and was certain I would not use it again.

When a Spritz or Spray First Became Useful

When trekking in Nepal, I believed that it may be a good idea to take a spray with me for practicing energy healing on myself and on others. During the trip, I worked on:
• sprained ankles;
• swollen knees;
• aching backs;
• nausea;
• altitude sickness;
• and more.
Throughout the entire trip as an energy healer, the spray was in the background. After that trip, I continued using the spray routinely.

Does it really work?

Those who have used the spray themselves have reported on its powerful effects. A bookkeeper reported sitting more straightly after using the spray; a receptionist said that she felt happier; a bartender with head pain and a bad mood reported that the spray alleviated both.

In essence, the soothing spray is a simple and FAST way to clear oneself of others’ negative or limiting energy. And yes, it works.

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