How to Prioritize Your Health Even When You’re Making Money  

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Are you making your health a priority?

Are you making your health a priority?

Are you one of those people whose health tanks when your income increases? I was and almost died because of it…

If so, you have a BIG problem; you are putting profits over your body’s physical and mental state, which will cost you energy (and money) overtime. Your income and your energy are uniquely intertwined; you need to learn how to prioritize your health even when you’re making money.

Eat Mindfully

If you’re making more money because you’re working your booty off, take some time for yourself when it’s meal time. Eat mindfully – this means thinking about what you’re putting in your body, chewing consciously, and not just snacking while you’re in the middle of a project.

Get Enough Sleep

People who want to get to the top often sacrifice sleep. Doing so will be detrimental in the long run; you will be less productive – and therefore make less money – when you’re so fatigued you can’t think straight.

Incorporate Work and Health Into One

Your workplace can and should be a place of health, too. Add plants to your office, organize a company luncheon with healthy foods, get coworkers to go on a fitness challenge, or buy a standing desk. All that positive and healthy energy will help everyone to be more successful.

Align Your Energy and Your Money.

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