Is Stress Impairing Your Health? Take Back Control  

How is stress impacting your health?
How is stress impacting your health?

A new study published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry reveals something that most people probably already knew about themselves and the human body: stress impacts our health. But what’s new about the study is specifically what it revealed; that stress not only impacts our food choices but also actually affects how our body responds to those choices. In other words, when you’re stressed your body may not be able to fully reap the benefits of the healthy meal that you’re eating, as summarized by an article in Forbes.

Steps to Take Next

What the study suggests, then, is that it is not enough to simply eat healthy; you need to reduce stress so that your body can reap all of the benefits of that healthy meal. While food choices can certainly help to reduce inflammation, the only thing that will really make cortisol levels drop is getting stress in control.

How to Get Stress Under Control

If you’re feeling stressed, get it under control before it takes a toll on your body mentally and physically. Practicing some deep breathing exercises, exercise regularly, engage in a hobby that you love, write, or find another outlet for stress.

Take Back Control.


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