2 Steps For Better Sleep And Quality Rest

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Even though we are aware of the value of sleep, too many people believe that the road to success is paved with all-nighters and burning the midnight oil.

Many students and corporate employees proudly share how little sleep they are getting because of their busy schedules. For them, lack of sleep is a badge of honor they are not afraid to wear on their sleeve.

But science clearly shows that lack of sleep is detrimental to our health.

The vast majority of us needs between seven to nine hours of sleep a night.


Set your bedroom up for better sleep

Prioritize Your Well-Being & Schedule Sleep

Your performance at work and school suffers when your well-being is not your top priority.

Early to bed makes a man needs to be healthy, wealthy, and wise,’ according to Benjamin Franklin.

Think of bedtime as an appointment with yourself. Treat it with the same importance you would a work meeting or a class you cannot miss.

Prepare your bedroom to facilitate better quality rest.


Develop A Sleep Routine

Routines are essential for us to internalize and make a particular behavior a natural habit. Create a sleep routine so you don’t have to think about it every night.

A set ritual helps to wind down your mind and body and to put aside the cares of the day. You could begin by turning off all electronic devices, taking a hot bath or shower, and reading a book with a cup of chamomile tea.

Establish a routine that works specifically for you.


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