Do You Tend to Jump on the Bandwagon?

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The other day, we wrote an article about biases (specifically, the self-serving bias) and how they can affect our ability to make sound decisions.

There are multiple biases that our brains adopt to help us make decisions more efficiently – after all, the less work your brain has to do, and the less amount of time that is dedicated to a decision, the more energy that is conserved. That’s why the brain will often fall victim to the bandwagon mentality.

The Bandwagon Bias – What’s That? 

Do you think for yourself, or tend to go along with what others believe?

The bandwagon bias, or the bandwagon effect, is the phenomenon where beliefs, trends, actions, and ideas are proliferated solely by the fact that they have been adopted by others. In other words, it is the chances of a belief/idea/trend being adopted increasing based on the proportion by which it is adopted by others.

The bandwagon bias is also called “groupthink,” and refers to the idea that the a person’s ideas can conform to the group’s based on the fact that the majority feels/thinks a certain way.

Why Is Bandwagon-ing a Bad Thing?

Jumping on the bandwagon isn’t always a bad thing – after all, there are certainly times when going with the flow and joining the group can be a very positive experience. But sometimes, hopping on the bandwagon can impede your energetics and creativity. It could lead to you feeling, thinking, or acting in a way that is outside of what you truly value or who you really are. And when your actions are not aligned with your true values, your energetics are misaligned.

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Are you Jumping on the Bandwagon?

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