4 Essential Things That You Must Understand When Marketing Your Business  

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Learn how to market with power.

Learn how to market with power.

Steve Jobs was a fantastic storyteller. Not only did his stories captivate the audience to which they were being told, but they also motivated that same audience to do something very important: buy. Jobs’ stories were a key part of his marketing, and one thing that made Apple so successful. If you want to be even a fraction as successful in your business, there are four essential things that you must understand when marketing through storytelling:

  1. The Status Quo

The status quo refers to what currently is in regards to your customer. It also refers to what your customer currently wants or needs.

  1. The Hypothetical

This is one of the most important parts of the four, the big out-of-the-box concept that challenges the status quo. As quoted by the article cited above, Jobs’ hypothetical –which he turned into reality- was, “What if smartphones could be less machine and more human?”

  1. The Concerns

Your idea isn’t going to be met without objections – understanding consumers’ concerns and responding to them in advance is essential.

  1. The Shock Value

All marketing campaigns or stories should, to some extent, have a shock value, something surprising, or something exciting that epitomizes what you are saying. Think of the Hanes’ commercials – unclothed men in tight underwear certainly make you remember those ads, right?

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